Ozone Urbana, Bangalore


“From the harmony of nature to that of architecture  –  Carlos J. Calvimontes Rojas”

The Marketing Suite for the OZONE GROUP was designed on the concept based on “the egg” which signifies the beginning of life. Research carried out by Carlos considered that this should have its form configured by the Golden Number, whose presence is in all that has life or relation with life.

The geometry of the egg is present in the nature that has a system of great stability due to the harmony between its parts. This humble form of a parabola and pointed arches join conditions of beauty, constructive easiness, economizing of materials and good structural quality, repeating perfect forms of nature.

The Shell is a futuristic design where metal and glass merge in a fluid mass and is the first single layer structure designed in India. The Air Filled Pillow(AFP) systems feature individual pillows made of ETFE material which provide for economical, very light, large panels and the unique ability to readily clad irregular non-planar freeform surface.  This Office of 10,000 sft. animates the spaces with exciting motifs of light  and shade. The core of the building forms the main display and business hub of the company. The the circulation path around the core display area follow the smooth contours of the shell thereby connecting the office at every level.

 Project Category – Office     Project Status – Built     Project Location – Bangalore     Built-up Area – 10,000sft     Site Area – 3 acres     Year of Completion – 2011